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Smart devices and artificial intelligence


With pressure on health care increasing, research is constantly investigating new ways to aid health care professionals in providing good quality care. One of the fields that shows promising results, is the field of technology in care. Smart devices and artificial intelligence offer possible solutions to the increasing workload and pressure experienced by health care professionals. In this project, the implementation of technology will be investigated within rehabilitation.

The SAIRE project (Smart devices and artificial intelligence for rehabilitation, VLAIO, is a collaboration of Erasmushogeschool Brussel, Odisee hogeschool and Vrije Universiteit Brussel that focusses on the development of low cost smart devices based on information gathered from end users (health care professionals and patients). The goal is to develop and test three devices: a smart device that stimulates and registers the use of the affected limb in patients suffering from spatial neglect after stroke; a mobile device that can be placed on a walking aid, which analyses the patients’ gait and gives feedback where needed; and finally a motorized IV-pole that follows the patient using computer vision technology.


Primary Researcher

dra. Ruben Debeuf


Prof. dr. Eva Swinnen (RERE)



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