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New paper!

  • September 24, 2020

Clinical commentary about powered exoskeletons for walking in multiple sclerosis. Collaboration between Eva Swinnen (RERE, VUB) and Peter Feys (REVAL, UHasselt).

Powered exoskeletons for walking in multiple sclerosis

Peter Feys and Eva Swinnen


Currently, few studies are published related to the use of mobile exoskeletons in multiple sclerosis (MS). Mobile systems, such as the EksoGT system in the current case report, may have a number of advantages over the stationary exoskeleton systems, such as the Lokomat system. Although new versions of the LOKOMAT allow for more movements of the pelvis during walking, mobile systems have full freedom of the upper body, since no body weight support system is used. However, studies post-stroke concluded that minimal trunk balance is necessary to move the body forwards during walking. Another intuitive advantage is that one can practice overground walking at different locations.

For the full paper, click here.