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Nele Adriaenssens Nele Adriaenssens 1

Nele Adriaenssens

Principle Investigator


Assistant professor – VUB
Head of research line Vascular Pathology and Oncologic Rehabilitation
Head of research chair Andullation Care Research
Head of Postgraduate course Vascular Pathology and Oncologic Rehabilitation 
WG Interprofessional Education in Healthcare
Coordinator Oncologic Rehabilitation and Cancer Survivorship - UZ Brussel
General Secretary of the Belgian Society of Lymphology

Research projects and groups
-    European Center for Lymphatic Surgery 
-    European and Belgian Society of Lymphology 
-    Chair Andullation Care Research 
-    Oncologic Rehabilitation – Cancer Survivorship 

•    medical imaging of lymphedema
•    extracellular fluid – body composition
•    innovative treatment (f.e. shock wave) and self management of lymphedema
•    microsurgical and peri operative conservative treatment of lymphedema
•    influence of oncologic rehabilitation programs on bio psycho social parameters
•    comfort of cancer patients during treatment
•    side effect of cancer diagnosis and treatment, like insomnia, pain and stress
•    heart rate variability and cancer
•    sarcopenia and cancer
•    quality of life of cancer patients and survivors


Vrije Universiteit Brussel - Brussels Health Campus