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Functional Task Kinematics in Low Back Pain

Assessed by a human motion capture system

Functional Task Kinematics in Low Back Pain Assessed by a Human Motion Capture System

Low back pain is referred as a pain and discomfort localised between the costal margin and above the inferior gluteal folds, with or without leg pain. The lifetime prevalence estimates of low back pain is 60%-70%. The functional limitations must be analyzed with objective tests. RGB-D cameras or depth cameras can capture the human motion in real time and are a potential alternative for these methods since they are easy to use in clinic, cheap and fast. Currently, depth cameras are validated to assess kinematic strategies of postural control and have been used in rehabilitation protocols in different diseases. The measurement properties of this type of human motion capture system must be analyzed in order to justify its use in a systematic assessment in low back pain patients.

The aim of this project is to check the validity, reliability and responsiveness of the camera as a movement limitation assessment tool and then, to know kinematics variables which they can be useful to determinate the severity and the classification of these patients.


Primary Researcher

Drs. Manuel Trinidad-Fernández


Dr. Peter Vaes
Dr. David Beckwée
Dr. Antonio Cuesta-Vargas
Dr. Manuel González-Sánchez
Dra. Erika Joos