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Brubotics Rehabilitation Research Center (BRRC)

RERE's movement analysis lab


The Brubotics Rehabilitation Research Center (BRRC) is the new lab of the Rehabilitation Research group. This lab is a state-of-the-art, interdisciplinary innovation hub that offers human movement analysis and technology-supported rehabilitation research. The BRRC is the result of a longstanding collaboration with different partners of the Brubotics group and is located centrally between the university hospital UZ Brussel and the VUB Health Campus. Our primary aim is to improve physical functioning through human-centered, technology-supported rehabilitation. 

The lab is equipped with state-of-the-art measurement devices (including 14 Vicon mocap cameras, 3 build-in AMTI force plates, a 16-channel Cometa EMG device, a GAITRite system and a MetaMax 3B gas analysis system) and an EKSO NR gait rehabilitation exoskeleton

This new BruBotics Rehabilitation Research Center enable us to further deepen our expertise in the rehabilitation technology field since its focus is on the intersection of movement analysis and technology. For example, the BRRC will be used to test commercial rehabilitation robots and technologies, but also rehabilitation robots (exoskeletons, …) and rehabilitation technology (virtual reality applications, gaming devices, sensors,…) that are designed by our Brubotics colleagues from the engineering departments. 

We will keep you updated via our dedicated BruBotics Rehabilitation Research Center webpage.

Stay tuned!


10/02/2022: EksoNR course part 2 finished
19/01/2022: Demo Hololens 
17/12/2021: TV recordings 'Wereldrecord'
18/10/2021: EksoNR course part 1 finished
17/06/2021: installation 3D motion capturing cameras and force plates
04/06/2021: installing new floor
17/03/2021: floor adjustments for built-in force plates
11/03/2021: arrival self-paced treadmill
09/03/2021: installation blackout blinds
30/11/2020: preparing the BRRC and the new offices for all RERE members

TV recordings
Foto EKSO1
Training EKSO
Photo of the lab
Hololens demo
Photo Ekso
Photo of our treadmill
BRRC lab

Video of the self-paced treadmill